Professional SEO Accessible To Everyone

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just something that "experts" can do. Truth is that most "experts" just plain aren't. Google changes it's algorithm so often it is almost impossible for any one individual to keep up to date and be sure their SEO method will work.

There is one sure indicator though, one guaranteed source of knowledge that will define the best sites, the sites that the search engines love, and especially the sites that Google love. What is that one defining factor?

Simple - The site will sit on the first page of the Google search results.

I know that seems kind of obvious but it is the one and only definitive measure that defines a great website. So doesn't it make sense to simply copy what those top ranked webpages do? If you could do that don't you think you could guarantee to be up there with those sites in the top ranking positions.

YES of course you would and NOW you can

The Expert SEO System (ESS) can turn you into an instant SEO expert. ESS will do all the hard work for you. It will analyze every top 10 site and run an in-depth comparison against your own site (or your customers site).

ESS will produce the most in-depth SEO report available anywhere. The kind of report that is almost unheard of from a single software tool. Not only will ESS give the statistical comparison data in fine detail, it will also give you a written report and advice on what you need to do to bring your site in line with the Google top 10 rankings.

Do you offer SEO services? Do you want to?

Expert SEO System reports are above impressive. Fully white label and customizable to produce individual, personalized, and professional reports (commercial licence). These will knock the socks of your customers and make converting leads into paying customers a breeze.

The Expert SEO System: Does not try to trick the search engines.
It does not use loopholes.
It does not use any blackhat techniques.

It simply finds the current facts about the top ranking webpages, compares them to your webpage and gives you the exact advice you need to make the improvements that will have your site climbing up the rankings.

Using the Expert SEO System allows you to easily compete with your page one competitors. ESS will pull every piece of crucial data out of your competitors sites. You will know exactly what they are doing to make Google and the other search engines happy and why they have been reward with the coveted top search positions.

The Expert SEO System is your websites protection against future changes like Panda and Penguin


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Increase Search Rankings

Expert SEO System software will analyze your web pages and those of your top 10 Google competitors for your keyword.

ESS will create over 100 different measures that are likely to affect the SEO of your web page. These measures are compared directly to the Google Top 10 results and gap analysis data is created.

You can now run an Expert SEO Sytem report that will give you all the details and the written instructions on what you need to do to bring those pages into line with the Google top ten search results.

It's a simple concept that seems obvious when it's explained, but most people just seem to ignore the obvious. They follow the same old tired SEO rules and get the same old tired results. If you follow what the top ten search results are doing, then you will be doing the exact things needed to get to the top of the search results.

Even if you are languishing in the lower echelons of the search rankings you can follow the step by step instructions and pull your site up to the position it deserves.

Reduce Your SEO Workload

Expert SEO System software does in seconds what would take you weeks. In fact some of what ESS does is not even possible to do manually.

Data is pulled from Google,,, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and many other industry leading web sites. This data is sorted, compiled and analyzed without you having to lift a finger.

Simply add in the URL of your (or your customers) web page that you want to analyze. Enter the keyword you want to target, choose a search engine and location if you want localised results.

Expert SEO System will do the rest for you. Within seconds you can be reading the data you need to compete for that coveted Google page one spot

Know Your Competition

Only by knowing your competition can you every compete for keywords. If the keywords are too hard to rank for then maybe that is not a niche you want to compete in.

Expert SEO System can tell you how difficult it may be to rank for certain keywords and in certain niches before you even write one article or add one backlink. ESS can save you the time from competing in markets that re just too strong.

If you want to compete in the strong niches (and many do) the ESS will arm you with everything you need to beat the best.

No matter what sites are in those top ten ranked search results, ESS will strip them bare and give you every details of what they are doing that makes them so successful. You will know exactly what you need to do to compete

Increase Site Sales & Sign-ups

Top placed ranking are great but the bottom line is how many sales you can make or how many subscribers you can sign-up. Whatever your conversion targets are Expert SEO System can help improve them

By matching your top 10 competitors you can improve your search position and in turn your site traffic. A simple formula - More traffic equals more sales and sign-ups

Expert SEO System can help any website that relies on search engine traffic. It works for any type of conversion. Sales, email capture, banner ads, Adsense, Clickbank products, Amazon products, local businesses, charity sites and many more. If your site will improve with more traffic then Expert SEO System is for you

It works in any niche, there are no restrictions. The fact is that Google defines the top ten web sites by giving them the top ten search spots on page one. That is true in any niche. So breaking down those top results will give the ammunition to beat them at their own game

Convert Leads To Customers

How many leads do you get each month? How many of those can you convert to customers?

If you offer SEO services the Expert SEO System can see your lead capture and conversions to customers go through the roof.

Scenario 1 - Identify a local business website, run their site pages through ESS, produce professional PDF reports. Use those reports to engage your cold leads. Email or face-to-face. The impressive reports will ensure you are taken seriously (and in many cases show just how much improvement their sites need).

Scenario 2 - You have existing warm leads but just having trouble closing the deal. The Expert SEO System professional reports are deal closer. Quickly and easily show the holes in the customers SEO without having to baffle them with science. But enough detail to do so if that's what they want. Result - A new and long term cusstomer.

Increase Customer Spend

Upsell, Upsell, Upsell!

Do you know that it generally cost more to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. That's right. An existing customer is hugely valuable asset and one you definitely want to keep. It is also a lot easier to sell to an existing happy customer than a fresh lead.

However time can be a factor and there are always competitors looking to take your SEO customers. The answer is to use Expert SEO System.

If you have a loyal customer then use the professional PDF reports. Maybe a monthly service. A few minutes of your time each month for an additional monthly paycheck? An easy upsell to an already happy customer. You can even upsell additional services based on those report findings.

But what about your not so happy customers (sorry but they do exist). What about giving them a free monthly report. First off you will be seen as a great supplier, secondly if a competitor offers their services to your customer they now have more to compete with.

Stop Worrying About Google Algorythm Changes

Here's the kicker!

No matter what Google does to de-rank sites they don't approve of, or devalue backlinks they don't want or penalize content they don't like. No matter what Google decide is the best indicator of site authority or how much boost they will give for social signals. The top 10 Google search results will always give away exactly what Google likes (and, by default, does not).

Google can approve or disprove of something different tomorrow, and again the next day. As those top 10 results change they will always reflect what Google wants.

That is the core to the Expert SEO System. We simple listen to what Google is telling us by what they are actually ranking. Other experts can guess whether keyword density or exact domain names are good or bad but Expert SEO system can tell you the exactly what works today. And it will tell you exactly what works tomorrow!

The Features and Techie Stuff Inside The Expert SEO System

SEO Expert In A Box
Expert SEO System is exactly what is sounds like. It's a single point solution for your SEO analysis requirements. It has the complexity to suit expert level users but the simplicity to allow anyone to become an instant SEO expert. Saving you time and expense of collecting and collating the data you need. Running comparison checks against the top 10 search results to ensure that the information and advice is absolutely current and up to date.

Produce detailed reports that can be used to improve your own sites or customer sites. Produce professional customized reports for distribution or sale to your customers and clients.
Reverse Engineers Top 10 Search Results
The strength of the Expert SEO System is the fact that it does not take any current SEO rules for granted. Of course we understand and acknowledge that there are some fundamental truths about good SEO practices and that is taken into account when analysing the data. However the bottom line is that, no matter what you believe, the real answers are in those sites that actually rank on page one.

As Google and others change there search algorithms then the top 10 results will change. Sometimes slowly and sometimes very swiftly, but change they will. ESS is able to rerun the reports whenever you want and pull the latest results back giving you the most up to date information available.

ESS looks at a huge number of on-page 'ranking factors'. It also analyzes the backlinks and the social signals to bring you a comprehensive dataset from which to analyze your target site.

Backed with data from the industry leaders like Alexa and this is probably the most comprehensive SEO data set available from within one tool.
Gap Analysis Against Top 10 Search Results
Let Expert SEO do what it does best. High speed data gathering and crunching. You just enter your web page URL and the keyword you want to target (and a search engine and location if you want to focus on local results). ESS will do the rest. In just a few seconds it will scan the Search engine top 100 results, find your web page ranking if it is the top 100. It will then scan the top 10 results.

For every results it will strip down the web page to it's nuts and bolts and store all the data on that page. Keywords, readability, URLs and much much more. It will do exactly the same for your target web page. Then fetches raft of data from other sources like social measures and backlink information and again does the same for your target site.

Expert SEO System then produces a gap analysis between your site data and the top ten results. Two assessments are made for each SEO measure. An average and a range across the top 10 sites.

All this information is stored in the Drill Down Reviewer in ESS for completely flexible and easy access.
Expert SEO System Pulls Data From Many Leading Sources
We don't want to give away all our secrets of course but the Expert SEO System gather data from across the web. We utilise some of the industries leading web sites like Alexa am ESS also pulls data from social sites like Facebook and Twitter and many more. It is this broad base of data that helps make Expert SEO System so powerful. Few software tool can produce this range of SEO data
Uses A Huge Set Of SEO Measures
There are a number of signals or measures that are generally accepted ones that can either affect your SEO ranking (either directly or indirectly). The Expert SEO System checks as many of these 'measures' as we can progress in. Will they all have an affect? - Truth is we don't know but we need to measure them all in case they do. Or in case they do in the future.

Google is now about penalizing sites as much as promoting them so measures that were once considered good SEO are now considered bad SEO. Things change so we prepare for that change by covering every angle we can. As more is known about the effect of certain measures then more will be added. Think about Social Signals. Very big today but 2 years ago? Insignificant.

We try not to judge. By checking a huge number of possible measures and signals against the top 10 results we let Google tell us what is in vogue.
HTML Reports
Expert SEO Systems has a built in data and report viewer. However you can generate a report in HTML for easy viewing on your computer screen. Choose from a single (long page) report or multi-tabbed (individual pages) reports.

With the commercial licence your HTML reports are customizable. You can white label and personalize the reports.

As with all reports you can create summary graph reports, reports on specific SEO areas and measures or full reports of all data. p>

All reports come with written information and guidance about the actions needed to improve any "out of spec" measures.
Professional PDF Reports
When you purchase the commercial licence you get access to the full professional PDF reporter.

Fully customizable reports, templates, change everything from font to colours and backgrounds. Create different front covers, add your own company branding. Set up different "templates" for different reports or different customers. Save settings to easily produce individual customer and client reports whenever you need.

With this level of customization and personalization every report will be a winner.
Multiple URL and Keyword Analysis
The Expert SEO System analyzes the individual pages on a web site. In general it is good practice for each web page to target a primary keyword. Google ranks individual web pages NOT web sites so we must do the same when we analyze.

However most web pages benefit from LSI and secondary keywords. This helps increases Googles perception of relevant content, allows your pages to rank for multiple (related) keywords and over time will rank your pages for long tail keywords.

To that end you can add "sub-keywords" (LSI or secondary keywords) to the Expert SEO projects and they will be analyzed against the same top 10 results data. Checking against the top 10 will identify if they are also using the same or similar LSI keywords.

Of course you will want to check all your site pages and with ESS you can add Multiple URLs and primary keywords in to one project. This can speed up analysis and manage your reports data more logically
Drill Down Data Reviewer
If you are a data geek you will love this. Once a project has been run and the data collected, compared and collated it is immediately available inside the Expert SEO System software. The data display is structured to give you a high level summary view.

You can then "drill down" by simply clicking your mouse to each level and even down to the raw data itself. This is a very powerful tool and unique way at looking at your SEO analysis.

Drill down into individual modules and even into individual sites so that you can access all the data from overview right down to the fine detail. Whatever your particular needs or preferred way of viewing the page analysis is catered for right inside the Expert SEO System.
Integration With Third Party Tools & Software
We don't want to restrict you in the way you conduct your own SEO. If you have your own ideas or proven methods then you will want to keep using them. Likewise there are some fantastic third party software and tools available. Some of these can be considered "experts" in their own field.

Some third party tools that can significantly enhance your ability to perform SEO tasks. When we find the best tools that fit this criteria we can integrate them with the Expert SEO System.

Open Site Explorer is a good example. One of the very best sources of detailed link and anchor text. Expert SEO system links your project resulting directly into OSE so you can pull additional detailed link information.

Gtmetrix, the very best tool for measuring, analysing and improving site performance is another tool integrated into ESS.